Our Mission:

Transforming Communities.

To be a beacon of holistic transformation that fosters a healthy African American community, through competent navigation services, leadership development and advocacy.

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Our Value

A mixture of compassion and accountability are core values at the Hub. Our goal is to support families to become stable, productive and healthy. We assist families in meeting their basic needs through navigation services; and we further promote a healthy, active lifestyle through our Healthy Life Initiative. Through a combination of direct service, educational opportunities, as well as policy initiatives focused on the Social Determinants of Health, the Hub seeks to improve the Hub seeks to improve the conditions in North Minneapolis neighborhoods so all people can thrive.



Our Impact

We serve over 1500 people per year predominantly from the African American Community in North Minneapolis.In addition to navigator services, our Healthy Life Initiative seeks to improve the health and well-being of all people in North Minneapolis so they can live productive, stable lives, and be active agents of change in their neighborhoods.



Million Dollars Raised

Navigating Community Members to Resources



Years Serving communities

Through our years of service and ongoing research, The Neighborhood Hub, has become particularly aware of various societal factors that significantly contribute to overall poor health outcomes in the communities that we serve.



Thousand FAMILIES Impacted

We provide families with navigation services; and we further promote a healthy, active lifestyle through our Healthy Life Initiative.

Our Programs

Hub welcomes all neighbors that seek a better life and a platform to contribute to a healthier and more prosperous Northside community. Rooted in the African American community of North Minneapolis, the Neighborhood Hub builds a healthy, just, and vital community - one person, one program, and one partner at a time” – the Hub is positively positioned for a successful future!  The Hub accomplishes its mission by connecting neighbors to needed resources in the community, filling gaps in services, advocacy, and engaging in partnerships that build a stronger, more vital, and prosperous North Minneapolis community.  


  • Community Education

The Neighborhood Hub has staff versed in creating a healthy, safe home. We educate community members about some of the potential hazards found in the home and how to reduce those hazards. We also teach people how to create non-toxic cleaning products at a fraction of the cost of traditional, store-bought solutions.


  • Technology

Residents have access to the latest computer technology without appointment, and can utilize the internet, fax, copy and scanning services free of charge. Hours are Monday - Thursday 9:00a - 4:30p. 


  • Youth Internships

The Hub works with neighborhood youth to provide paid and unpaid internships to young people who are looking to learn office skills. In addition, we provide a safe, culturally competent location for young people to volunteer when they are performing court-ordered community service.


  • Advocacy

Residents are given zealous support in times of hardship. Navigators guide, families and advocate where needed with other agencies, units of government, landlords and other systems in which families may find barriers to their stability.


  • Employment Counseling

The Neighborhood Hub keeps a current job board in the computer lab and assists residents with building their resumes and applying for jobs online.


  • Notary Services

Free Notary services are available by appointment Monday - Thursday 9:00a - 4:30p. 


  • Lunch Program

Children ages 0-18 are invited to participate in our lunch program which we do in partnership with the Minneapolis Public Schools during the summer months. Our trained staff serves lunch to the children while the Hub supplements the program with sandwich/salad bars for parents who are accompanying their young ones to the program.